ESCUDO Group A.S. was established since 2008 as an international supply chain company with headquarter in Turkey and operating branches around all world.

In Escudo Group Inc., we take pride in providing professional procurement and supply chain services. Despite being a producer, a supplier, and an investor to approximately 10 businesses around the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa’s markets, aid projects are one of the pillars of the company. Escudo Group Inc. has become a reliable and respected supplier, logistics and service provider for our customers.

Escudo Group Inc. ‘clients represent both domestic and international market. We feel privileged for working with all the leading INGOs across the globe. We are completely committed in providing world class, top quality products and services at competitive prices for our customers. As a result, we have a widespread satisfied client base.

Escudo Group Inc. emergency relief goods. We have the expertise to handle any logistical challenge which may arise during the shipment and distribution of relief supplies.

Thanks to years of experience, numerous contacts in the region, and diverse projects all around the area, we can streamline the transport in order to maximize the effect of aid, and minimize logistical risks. We also facilitate the export documents to ship the goods with 0% value added tax (VAT).

Önceki Narin Gümrük

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